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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do balloons last.

Duration is determined by environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, as well as whether the balloons are filled with helium or air. A standard 11" helium-filled, latex balloon typically has around an 18-hour lifespan, however, performing a special treatment, Hi-Float, to the balloons prior to inflation can extend float times from three to seven days. Air-filled balloons can last for days, even weeks, given the right circumstances. Mylar (foil) balloons normally last three to seven days. Your larger balloons will last longer than standard-sized balloons..

Do you deliver and is there a charge?

Yes. Bella's delivers for all events that fall within our service area, and set up your balloon decorations at the specified location. Delivery fees may apply.

What if I need to make changes to my order?

We understand that sometimes changes may be required close to the event date, and we may be able to make certain accommodations, however, there is a change fee for changes that result in the increase or decrease to costs.